Long live to democracy

I’ve written a poem in portuguese using some sort of automatic surrealist technique where writting is envisaged spontaneously disregarding any type of conscious self-censorship at moral or aesthetic level.
I’ve decided to post here a translation:
Long live to democracy
Lie mutilated, butched, slaughtered bodys
On the vitreous desert sand, barren land of life.
Once man, once animals, once a sea of people
Springed, runed, played, dreamed passionately.
They were full of hope in a believed peace.
And now… pieces of putrid flesh, inanimated corpses
Pave forgotten ruins with an erratic pattern.
Decimated by technocrats, lackey of timocrats,
By insane beings nicknamed by democrats,
Prostrate in the ground defaced, apatic, apathetic.
Funest beings that fight for power like rabic dogs
And own megalomaniacal belligerent devices
Killed, flayed, ripped without mercy, the unmerciful.
Democratic weapons that don’t choose color, etnia or religion
Burst, explode, are bearers of destruction
Leaving the survivers in sweet weeps.
In the rotten reminiscent revolve those necrophagous pigs
Feeding of decomposed flesh an cold blood.
They are covered with the bills of their greed
Delighting, descpicably like estrous mares.
They madly sing and dance with pompous arrogance
And with harsh snoring, moo with hypocrisy
Long live to democracy! Long live to democracy!

Sobre Sérgio O. Marques

Licenciado em Física/Matemática Aplicada (Astronomia) pela Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto e Mestre em Matemática Aplicada pela mesma instituição. Actualmente, exerço a função de Administrador de bases-de-dados. Dentro o meu leque de interesses encontram-se todos os temas afins às disciplinas de Matemática, Física e Astronomia. Porém, como entusiasta, interesso-me por temas relacionados com electrónica, poesia, música e fotografia.
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